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With all of the companionship and love that our dogs freely give, it’s difficult to believe that some owners simply don’t, according to VetMed – The following are a list of 12 holiday dangers to watch out for:

1. Live Christmas Trees – Live Christmas Trees: Pets might try to eat the evergreen needles because they can get caught in their intestines. Make sure pets do not drink any of the tree water because it can often contain harmful bacteria.

2. Alcohol: Alcohol can be poisonous to pets and in some cases, can lead to a coma or death. Even seemingly harmless amounts can be lethal. As little as one ounce of alcohol can kill a small cat or dog.

3. Holiday Guests: Keep pets away from open doors. To avoid stress, leave your pet in a quiet room until guests are gone.

4. Toys and Batteries: If a pet chews on a hard plastic toy, they risk breaking their teeth. Batteries and board games contain zinc, which can cause pancreatitis and renal damage if ingested by a pet.

5. Plants and Flowers: Many plants and flowers are toxic to pets. Even non-toxic plants can still cause severe gastrointestinal upset if ingested in large quantities. Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and snowdrops are some to watch out for.

6. Lights, Candles and Electric Wires: Use electrical cord covers and cord organizers to prevent your pet from chewing electrical cords. If your furry friend gnaws on a wire, it could cause.

7. Purses and Bags: Be sure to keep purses and bags off of the ground and out of reach of pets to minimize the ingestion risk of anything that may be toxic to pets, including medications and candy or gum that contains chocolate or xylitol.

8. Ornaments and Hooks: Avoid putting ornaments on lower tree branches. Hang your most treasured Christmas ornaments high on the tree so they are out of reach of curious pets. Plastic ornaments versus glass are always best.

9. Tinsel and Bows: Pets can swallow tinsel or ribbon and it can get wrapped around their tongue. This causes obstructions in their digestive tract and often requires emergency surgery to fully remove.

10. Holiday Sweaters, Head Bands, and Costumes: Pet costumes should allow pets to move freely, breathe easily and bark or meow. There should be no dangling parts for pets to tear off and swallow.

11. Unbaked Bread Dough: Raw dough is appealing to pets, especially if it contains salt. But, ingested yeast dough can rise inside a pet’s digestive tract, blocking or rupturing internal organs and potentially causing seizures and respiratory failure.

12. Anti Freeze and Ice Melt: Use caution when using antifreeze containing the chemical ethylene glycol, as it can be fatal to pets. Also, stay away from rock salt. When a pet walks on rock salt, their paw pads become irritated, causing them to lick or swallow the rock salt, causing agitation and vomiting.

If you have a pet, avoid these 12 holiday dangers and make sure they get plenty of exercises even during the colder months. You can begin your journey right away by taking your dog for regular walks. Run Doggy Run Mobile Gym, and its dog walking service are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and innovative way for your dog to exercise. We come to them in our climate-controlled van, which is outfitted with K9 treadmills designed specifically for dogs. Each workout includes a 30-minute walk, water, treats, and a personal trainer to ensure your dog’s safety. Make your appointment today!


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