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Having a dog as a pet is one of the best decisions you could ever make. The warmth they bring to your home is second to none and the love they bring along with them is enough to brighten your day, no matter how bad it gets. But just like humans, dogs need to be cared for. They require special attention for all the love they give. Who wouldn’t want their love to be reciprocated?

One of the best ways to care for your dog is to make sure they are getting adequate exercise. The importance of exercise to dogs cannot be over-emphasized, although this may be exhaustive or time-consuming for most dog owners.

Dogs require special attention for all the love they give.

Why your dog needs exercise:

  • Exercise helps keep your dog healthy -nobody wants to see their dog sick.
  • Exercise may be the solution to behavioral problems. If your dog is overly reactive or aggressive, it may be time to embrace exercise.
  • Exercise can help avoid excess weight gain and obesity
  • Exercise can also keep their joints healthy and can help get rid of joint pains

Finding time for consistent exercise with your dog can be challenging. Combining busy work schedules with regular dog walks can seem almost impossible – and even when you finally have some free time, there are limitations on where you can take them for walks.

Dog parks are one of the most popular places dog owners can go to for some exercise. While dog parks can be good for some, it might not be good for all dogs. A trip to the dog park can be exciting because your dog gets the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs. But before visiting a dog park, be sure to check your dog to see if will be comfortable with all the interactions they will experience.

Do they make growling sounds or attack other dogs while on leash? Do they display anxiety or fear-driven signs? If you answer yes to any of those questions, a dog park might not be the best method of exercise for your dog. You might opt for a quieter walk with limited interaction with other dogs until you and your dog feel more comfortable.

Another alternative is the Run Doggy Run Mobile Gym and its dog walking service. This new innovative service provides dogs with a fun and new way to walk in a climate-controlled unit. Each session includes a 30-minute walking session in a well-equipped mobile dog gym to ensure your dog stays healthy.

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Header image: Photo by Anthony Duran on Unsplash

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