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sad puppy dog laying on the fall

The great news is that due to the isolation of Covid-19 more dogs and puppies found homes than ever before. Many are first time dog owners!

The challenge we face as new and seasoned dog parents is that during the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re all advised to stay home and to socially distance ourselves. However, exposure to a variety of social and environmental situations is fundamental for a puppy’s physical, emotional, and behavioral development.

Per the RSPCA, the key socialization period in puppies occurs between 3 and 14 weeks. During this period, socializing your puppy is vital. If they are not socialized adequately, puppies may become fearful and anxious when they face stimulating situations later in life. This is why the first year is so critical. After all, we all want to raise happy and confident puppies!

Although our ability to socialize is restricted, we can still provide positive experiences and help our puppies to experience and get used to new things.

Per the RSPCA the key socialization period in puppies occurs between 3 and 14 weeks


How to socialize your puppy during Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Take your puppy on a wide course around other people. Remember to always maintain CDC recommendations for social distancing during COVID-19.
  • Now that people are ordered to stay at home, the traffic may be quieter than normal, but there will be some normal traffic sound and it’s a good idea that your puppy gets used to it. During walks, your puppy will get used to the external environment, cars, horns, other barking dogs, the sight of people at a distance, leaves and yes bugs.
  • Expose your puppy to various surfaces, objects, and visuals. Everything is fascinating to a pup. You might have seen something a thousand times, but it might be their first time. This also applies to older adopted dogs. Be mindful that they might not have experienced certain things before they came to live with you.

If you are looking for new ways to socialize your dog, there are local dog gym services available to you. Run Doggy Run Mobile Gym is a new innovative dog walking service that includes a 30-minute dog walking session inside a fully equipped mobile gym that can be delivered to your front door. Schedule a session Here and find out how this new opportunity can make your dog more socialized and much happier!

Header image: Photo by Matthew Foulds on Unsplash

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