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You may be wondering how much exercise a dog needs and if your dog is getting enough. It is common among dog owners to ensure they are doing enough to keep their dogs healthy.  An easy way to figure out if your dog needs more exercise is to observe their overall behavior.


  1. NIGHT ACTIVITY: Does your dog stay active even at night? If it jumps around the house while you are trying to relax, it might need more exercise.
  2. UNCOMMON BEHAVIOR: If you find your dog exhibiting behavior such as eating things it’s not supposed to, raiding the trash or chewing on furniture, your dog might be asking for more exercise.
  3. AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS OTHER DOGS: Another important sign you should not ignore is its reaction towards other dogs. Your dog might need more exercise if they tend to become overly aggressive at the sight of other dogs.
  4. BARKING: Although, barking around the house may be an indication that they feel threatened or need something, but it may also be due to anxiety. Exercise has been proven to significantly lower anxiety.
  5. RESTLESSNESS: Another way dogs show they need more exercise is by exhibiting behavior of restlessness.
  6. WEIGHT GAIN: Obesity is a serious health challenge every pet owner needs to avoid. An increase in your pet’s weight is an indication of an urgent need for exercise.
  7. DEPRESSION OR WITHDRAWAL: Dogs withdraw from people when they are depressed. Having your dog stay away everybody isn’t a good thing – they may need more exercise to combat depression.
Naughty dog - Lying dog in the middle of mess in the kitchen.

The exercise requirement of every dog breed varies. Some require 30 minutes to one hour while others require more. That regular slow walk of 10 to 15 minutes may be enough for your neighbor’s dog but never enough for yours. Finding out what works for your dog requires experimentation. Gradually increase their exercise intensity and time and watch out for changes in behavior.

Run Doggy Run Mobile Gym is also available to help you figure that out! . If you are too busy with work and cannot get out for regular exercise for your dog, you can request a 30-minute dog walking service with just a click.

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